CrIFI Certification

Being a Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator

The Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator (CrIFI) program is an accrediting process for individuals with the specialized skills required to detect, investigate and deter insurance fraud. The program has a high standard for admission and testing, which includes adherence to ACFP code of ethics, and a demonstrated competency through mandatory continuing professional education.

Requirements for CIFI Certification


A minimum of 100 points is needed for the CrIFI Examination Application. Each category takes into consideration your education,  investigative experience and your experience as an expert in your field, as a speaker or writer.



Points awarded for each degree:


Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college (20 pts.)

Master’s Degree from an accredited college (10 pts.)

Ph.D., J.D. from an accredited college (10 pts. each)




To receive points in this category, the applicant must have certification(s) from a professional organization concerned with the detection and/or prevention of fraud. (5 pts. per professional certification)


Setting Up an Exam:


Examination applications are accepted year-round. You have the option to take the exam in-person or online.


In-Person Exam:

There are two opportunities to take the exam in-person, which are administered by a proctor that is CrIFI certified.


  1. At a chapter event. If an ACFP chapter wishes to sponsor an exam, they must contact the ACFP office for approval at least 90 days prior to the test date.
  2. At the Annual Seminar.

Online Exam:

The CrIFI exam can be taken online. This allows you to schedule the exam when you want and where you want. There’s no need to travel to an exam location. It does require the use of a computer with a camera and microphone.  The proctor will administer the exam from a remote location. On the application, select “Online” as your preferred method to take the exam and we will email you instructions on how to take it.

CrIFI Membership

CrIFI Membership

As an member, you are associated with an influential and professional organization that is the fraud-fighting leader in the industry. Driven by principle and high standards of conduct, C membership allows you to share experiences and learn from colleagues across the industry. Stay informed about the latest investigative methods and techniques that will allow you to successfully detect fraud in the industry with an CrIFI membership.

Key benefits of CrIFI membership allow you to:

  • Gain access to local  Association of Certified Forensic Practitioners (ACFP), CrIFI chapter meetings and seminars to fulfill training and education requirements for continuing education credits and state compliance regulations
  • Develop key leadership skills by becoming actively involved as officers and directors of local chapters
  • Enhance your career and credibility through Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator (CrIFI), Certified Insurance Fraud Analyst (CrIFA) and Certified Insurance Fraud Representative (CrIFR) certifications
  • Receive industry-leading training and education by attending annual seminars at a discounted member rate
  • Access legislative support services and learn about the latest anti-fraud legislation
  • Help shape the global response to insurance fraud by participating  in the industry-leading organization that connects and educates investigators worldwide
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