Expert Witness

ACFP Expert Witness is chosen everyday, by attorneys, insurance professionals, and other private and public agencies, because we have the strongest selection of premier forensic experts, consultants, and witnesses, as well as a stress-free expert witness selection and retention process. Our mission is to bring the best minds together to help uncover the truth in our justice system, help prevent future damages, and improve people’s lives.

We are committed to being socially responsible, not only in our services to our clients but in helping our local and global communities through education and other programs. We offer thousands of consultants, experts, expert witnesses, forensic experts, and investigators in construction, business, engineering, medicine, science, and other technical disciplines.

At ACFP Expert Witness, we are consistently the choice of professionals, because we guarantee:

  • Broadest selection of premier expert witnesses in hard-to-find disciplines,
  • Unmatched standards in identifying and recruiting our forensic consultants,
  • Effective methods of satisfying difficult designation requirements,
  • Unique processes of continuous expert evaluation through solicited client feedback,
  • Multi-disciplined approaches to individual cases,
  • Free consultations with select experts to determine pertinent disciplines and expertise for clients’ specific cases,
  • No cost and no obligation recruitment of additional experts as to meet requirements,
  • Personal and efficient assistance throughout the whole expert retention process,
  • Freedom for our consultants so they can concentrate on case-related tasks without the burden of administrative issues.
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