ACFP Membership

The Association of Certified Forensic Practitioners (ACFP) welcomes anyone to the Individual Membership of the Institute. We also welcome all kinds of organizations to Corporate Membership.


One of the most valuable benefits of Individual membership is access to collaboration and networking with other professionals both face-to-face and virtually.  One of the best ways of learning is to interact with other members and it is true that you tend to ‘get out what you put in’.  In other words, participation is rewarding in its own right, whether by contributing to knowledge projects or helping organize and run the Institute.

Individuals may join simply because they have an interest in Forensic.  Or you may join to gain and demonstrate competence – and have access to continuing Professional Forensic if you are actively engaged in the profession.

One of the most valuable benefits of Corporate Membership is that ALL employees are entitled to discounts on our products and services, such as high quality seminars and endorsed events from other providers.

Corporate Membership also entitles any employee to join ACFP as an Individual Member at a discounted subscription (whether or not you reimburse these fees).  (Students at academic institutions which are Corporate Members of ACFP are also entitled to discounted subscriptions.)

Organizations may join simply because they have an interest in Forensic and/or wish to support ACFP or to support their employees who are Individual Members or to enable their employee to access useful documents and knowledge.


If you are interested in applying for membership of the ACFP you are welcome to submit an application.

The application form which you are required to complete and submit together with the relevant attachments can be accessed from the membership tab. The completed application form may be emailed to

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