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Established in 2018 AFCP is the pioneer in the forensic accounting and forensic auditing qualifications. The Association of Certified Forensic Practitioners is the leading professional institution for education and training of Forensic Accountants and Forensic Auditors (FAs) in Zimbabwe. The Association of Certified Forensic Practitioners (ACFP) develops and promotes the science of Forensic Accounting and Forensic Auditing, which is a unique blend of education and experience in applying Accounting, Auditing and Investigative Skills to Uncover Truth, Form Legal Opinions and to assist in Litigation Support. The ACFP is anti-fraud organization saddled with the responsibility of providing skills to professionals from different fields on the use of science and technology for prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and also put in place some sophisticated mechanism to prevent future occurrences.


Certified Forensic Accountant

Learn how to detect fraud early to minimize the possibility of financial loss.


Certified Forensic Accountant (Cr.FAc)

The Certified Forensic Accountant credential recognizes your knowledge and expertise as an anti-fraud professional and broadcasts the value you bring to your current position and future employment opportunities.