Any organization that is registered in terms of Laws of Zimbabwe is eligible for Corporate status.

One of the most valuable benefits of Individual membership is access to collaboration and networking with other professionals both face-to-face and virtually. One of the best ways of learning is to interact with other members and it is true that you tend to ‘get out what you put in’. In other words, participation is rewarding in its own right, whether by contributing to knowledge projects or helping organize and run the Institute. ALL employees are entitled to discounts on our products and services, such as high quality seminars and endorsed events from other providers.

Persons suffering from natural, legal, educational or other disabilities shall be considered disqualified for the membership of the Institute is empowered to exercise absolute authority in imposing such restrictions on the entry of persons as it deems necessary and appropriate in case of following applicants for membership who:-

  1. Are insane or of unsound mind,
  2. Are insolvent,
  3. Are not properly qualified as required under the rules of the Institute.
  4. Have been found guilty of any act discreditable to the profession or professional misconduct by the disciplinary committee of the Institute.
  5. Have been working against the interest of the Institute or otherwise found guilty of infringing any of the bye-laws, rules and regulations of the Institute,
  6. Refuses or neglects to give effect to any decision of the Institute.
  7. Fails to pay the annual subscription or any other amount due by him/her to the Institute within twelve months from the date such debt has become due.

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