Mission & Values


The mission of the Association of Certified Forensic Practitioners (ACFP) is to Cohere, Co-ordinate and Self-regulate the Commercial Forensic profession in Zimbabwe. The primary purpose of the Institute is more fully described as being to:

  • Cohere the emerging industry in Zimbabwe,
  • Co-ordinate key initiatives to develop the industry,
  • Serve the interests of the Commercial Forensic Practitioners and society, by upholding internationally acceptable professional standards and integrity, and the pre-eminence of Zimbabwean Commercial Forensic Practitioners nationally and internationally,
  • Delivering competent entry-level members with relevant skills,
  • Providing services to assist members to maintain and enhance their professional competence thereby enabling them to create value for their clients and employers,
  • Enhancing the quality of information used in the private and public sectors for measuring and enhancing organisational performance in relation to commercial forensic matters,
  • Running and facilitating programmes to transform the profession and to facilitate community upliftment
  • Fulfilling a leadership role regarding relevant business-related issues and providing reliable and respected public commentary; and
  • Influence stakeholders through improving their confidence in ACFP and its members.

Broad principles of a self-regulatory body (SRB)

  • Exists at the request of a profession, industry and market,
  • Independent
  • Does not directly and actively represent or lobby for an industry or profession,
  • Does not directly promote certain accreditations or institutions in favour/cost of others, even those which meet the Institute‚Äôs benchmarks,
  • Is independent of other bodies and affiliations,
  • Accredits individuals, qualifications and institutions by means of a transparent, credible, objective and consistent process,
  • Has active support from the industry, key client markets and government
  • Has relevant and recognised expertise,
  • Is financially independent and viable,
  • Serious consequences for non-compliance.


To be a respected self-regulator of the commercial forensic profession in Zimbabwe and to be internationally aligned.


As an ambassador for the industry, the Institute will act in the best interests of the industry and its professionals as a whole without bias or favour. Key values include:

  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity

Key objectives of the Institute

  • Regulate the commercial forensic profession in Zimbabwe by providing a regulatory framework and a code of conduct for forensic practitioners;
  • Deliver competent entry level members with relevant skills to the forensic industry;
  • provide services to assist members to maintain and enhance their professional competence, thereby enabling them to create value for their client and employers;
  • Fulfill a leadership role regarding relevant business related issues and provide public commentary on matters impacting the commercial forensic industry;
  • Develop a brand for the profession and its members that is trusted and recognised by all stakeholder.